4 Important Questions You Should Ask When Hiring Roofing Contractors in Nashville

by | May 30, 2020 | Roofing

Your house located in Nashville, deserves to get attention from a qualified and experienced roofing contractor because of all the elements of your house, the roof is perhaps the most important. Your roof not only needs to look good to add to the beauty of your house but it should also be able to withstand the ills of bad weather. Before you embark to search for the best roofing contractors in Nashville, you need to know about the pressure points in contract negotiation where most homeowners go horribly wrong and end up facing the heat, in financial terms.

Here are five key questions about the terms of contract before hiring any of the best roofing contractors in Nashville, or for that matter in any other state:

Do they have a legal permit or license?

This is the first and most important question that you need to ask the representative of a roofing company before even thinking of hiring them. Roofing contractors are required to obtain a license from state authorities before they can legally provide their services to clients. While, some online roofing service providers without a license may try to tempt you by offering unrealistic discount, you should always stick to authorized roofers as they are legally required to adhere to building regulations.

Will they sub-let the contract?

Many roofing contractors use the help of subcontractors to complete projects for a number of reasons such as lack of technical expertise with a certain roofing material. If you are told that a subcontractor will be hired by your roofing contractor, then you should insist on learning about the business history, expertise and legal standing of such subcontractor.

Who will be liable if an accident takes place?

This is another extremely important area that many homeowners who look for roofing contractors in Nashville, overlook completely. Roofers that offer employee insurance are always preferable as they will be liable to bear their medical expenses in case any worker gets injured or dies while working on your project. Similarly, you need to determine for sure about the company’s policy of offering you compensation in case your property gets damaged by one of the workers. There is good probability of your roofing project getting marred by any misadventure, so it is very important to mention in the contract as to who will be held liable for damages in the worst case scenario.

Does the contract include a plan for maintenance or re-roofing?

Roofs made of certain materials such as wooden shingles require a great deal of maintenance. It is always a good idea to ask your roofing contractor if they will be offering a maintenance plan to you by doing regular inspection of your house to spot any potential problems at an early stage. Similarly, you should also inquire about the period and terms of warranty of a roofer.

It should not concern you if you learn that a certain roofing contractor has been receiving complaints from their clients; however, the timing and nature of their response will help you determine the company’s reliability. You can always ask a roofing company representative to provide you with a list of their clients to make independent inquiries.

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