How To Repair Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo floors are a very popular flooring option that can either be poured in place or designed in precast sections that are then installed. They can be patterned and created with very unique designs. Terrazzo can also be used on walls and even on outdoor surfaces such as patios, pools, and decks for a very durable surface.

Terrazzo floors, with their combination of concrete and epoxy-resin as well as different types of materials including marble, quartz, glass or granite chips, can be polished to a gleaming surface that is very low-maintenance. It can literally be produced in any desired color and shade, and new options in Terrazzo can also include sea shells and more unusual recycled materials such as porcelain.

Holes in Terrazzo Floors

It is possible that smaller to larger holes can occur in the surface of terrazzo floors, often because of dropping heavy items or perhaps because of carpeting installed over the flooring.

These holes can be repaired by a professional who is familiar with Terrazzo flooring to create a seamless and virtually invisible filler for the hole. This process does require an individual who will take the time to not only match the color of the resin or the filler but also both the size and the shade of the aggregate component.

However, if repairs are made without careful consideration to exactly match the filler and the chips, the result can be a repair that is obviously very different in color and design than the rest of the floor.

The Process

To repair Terrazzo floors, the craftsman will first carefully match the filler color as well as the aggregate size and colors to the original flooring. Then, the filler and binder will be added to the hole with the chips carefully placed to match the density and pattern of the existing floor.

This is allowed to harden and dry completely and is then polished to match the surface of the adjacent flooring. The result will be a repair to your Terrazzo floors that is virtually impossible to detect.

Often when people request repairs to their Terrazzo floors, they also have a full cleaning service on the existing floor. This ensures the floor is like new, gleaming, and beautiful throughout the entire room, home, or commercial building.

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