A few helpful tips for pricing plumbers

Depending on the area of the country you live in, the cost of plumbing services can vary greatly. When you are looking for a Wilmette plumbing company, you need to be proactive and really do your homework. Do not be afraid to call multiple plumbers and get multiple prices, before you hire any plumber, you need to get a written estimate of what it will take to complete the job.

Tips for getting a good price:

First ask around; ask for recommendations from friends, family, neighbors and workmates, anyone who may have hired a local plumbing company. Often the best advertising is word of mouth and if someone you know has had an excellent experience there is no reason to think that you too will be pleased with your choice, conversely, companies that have not proven satisfactory to your friends can be immediately discounted.

Many people think that the bigger the advertisement in the phone book, the better the company. This is not true, the big ads cost big money, the little guys may not have the budget for advertising but they may be an excellent Wilmette plumbing company. Look in the small ads for a plumber that is close to your home, you may find that because the travel time and distance is not great that the call-out price is either low or eliminated altogether.

Describe your problem as best you can over the phone and ask for an idea of the cost for the repairs. If the repair is considered to be common, a plumber should be able to offer a price over the phone, however, if the problem is major then this may not be possible. Asking for a price over the phone helps you to gauge the level of customer service. If they refuse to offer an estimate over the phone and they insist on a site visit, odds are their focus is on the sale and not you, the customer. Look for a Wilmette plumbing company that you feel comfortable with, one that you can build a relationship with as plumbers are required periodically and you do not want to search for one every time you have a problem.

If the plumber offers a free in-home estimate find out if it really is free or is it only free if you hire him. Many times the plumber will charge for the in-home estimate if he is not given the job.

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