Dealing With and Preventing Leaking Water Heaters in Vero Beach, FL

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Plumbing

Sometimes when a water heater malfunctions, it leaks. The leak can turn into a flood if nobody notices fairly quickly. Leaking water heaters in Vero Beach, FL, sometimes can be repaired, but typically the appliance is so old that replacing it is the most reasonable choice.


Home insurance does not pay for water heater repair or replacement, but it may pay for damage caused to the home and its contents. The homeowners will want to stop this from happening again in the future. They may need to have carpeting removed and might have lost some favorite possessions because of the flooding.

Inspection and Maintenance

This type of problem with water heaters in Vero Beach, FL, can often be prevented with a few strategies. Having the appliance inspected and maintained every two or three years allows a plumber to discover problems before they happen. A worn valve might be replaced before it starts to leak, for example.

Scheduling Replacement

Replacing the appliance when it reaches a certain age is a proactive measure. Homeowners might plan to replace the water heater after 10 years even if it still functions well.

Monitoring an Old Appliance

If they prefer to keep the appliance running until it fails, they should check it every day for signs of leaks. In this part of the country, water heaters are usually located in first-floor utility rooms instead of basements, so that shouldn’t be an inconvenience. Business¬†Name, which provides information at, maintains, repairs and replaces water heaters. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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