Preventative Steps to Help You Prevent Water Damage in Kenneth City

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Restoration

If water damage has already occurred to your home or business, then you need water damage restoration in Kenneth City. If you have been recovering from water damage, then there are several things you may want to consider lessening the chances of getting more water damage in the future.

The first thing that you should consider is how the site will drain. Think before grading or removing areas that act as natural water catchments, such as stream buffers, forest conservation areas, and steep slopes. Design the property so that water moves away from it, naturally. Stockpiles of dirt or gravel should not stop water from flowing away during the construction phase.

Cover foundation wall with damp-proof materials. All materials used in building wall construction should be designed to not let water into the building during extreme rains. Create an air barrier or use insulation to create waterproof barriers inside the walls. Design the walls so that they can be regularly inspected for the first signs of water damage.

Roofs that have a slope are less likely to leak than flat roofs. Roofing contractors in Kenneth City should make sure that high-quality flashings are used around any objects that protrude through the roof and inspect regularly. Roofing contractors in Kenneth City should make sure that your roofing underlayment, insulation layers, and roofing should be continuous. The valley should be as steep as possible.

All plumbing put into your building should be easy to inspect and repair. Use materials that will prevent mold growth wherever possible. Pipes going to your HVAC system should be very accessible.

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