How to Perform Garage Door Spring Repair in Valrico, FL.

Sectional overhead garage doors have two different spring systems that the technician who does garage door service in Valrico, FL. must deal with, torsion springs and side mounted springs.

Torsion springs are mounted above the door on a stationary shaft and run parallel to the top of the door. At one end they are fixed to a stationary bracket which is mounted in the center of the door frame. The torsion springs extend along the shaft on either side of the bracket and are wound tight when the door is closed. The tension is the aide when opening the door.

Side mounted springs are long coil springs that are mounted, one on each side, of the upper door track. By using pulleys and cables, the springs are placed under tension when the door is closed, aiding with the opening cycle.

When you need to have a tech perform garage door services in Valrico, FL., specifically the replacement of a broken spring, make sure that both springs are replaced and not just the broken one. The reason is tension, the new spring will not yet be fatigued, and the door will not function properly.

Side mounted springs

Before an attempt is made to replace the side mounted springs the tension must be removed, this is simply done by fully opening the garage door. Hold the door in place using a clamp on the track at the lowest roller. If your door is fitted with a garage door opener, make sure it is disconnected before the clamp is installed.

The spring is attached on one end to either a bracket at the end of the track or a framework of some type. The moving end is attached to a pulley; the cable is threaded through and around this pulley. To replace the spring simply loosen the fittings as need be and remove the spring which is hooked at each end. Replace the spring in the same fashion, making sure that you do not put a twist into the cables.

The garage door service technician in Valrico, FL. will inspect the pulley bearings at this time as well and replace it if the pulley has lots of wobble.

Once the springs and perhaps the pulleys have been replaced, make any adjustments necessary for correct operation. The new springs may prove to have more tension making it difficult to lower the door; this can be adjusted by relaxing the spring at the permanently fitted end.

Torsion springs

It is recommended that an amateur not attempt to replace torsion springs. The door must be in the down position and the springs are under tension, it is best to have a skilled technician who specializes in garage door service in Valrico, FL. do this job.

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