How To Find Replacement Appliance Parts

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Home and Garden

A broken washing machine or stove can disrupt your family’s routine and cause stress for everyone, but before you rush to buy a new appliance, search for the broken part. Typically, you can find replacement appliance parts in Lancaster, PA for your favorite large and small appliances at your local hardware store.

The hardware store is a great place to start your search for parts, but finding parts for older appliances can be more challenging. Usually, older appliances break due to a problem with a single part, so if that particular part is replaced, the appliance will work like new. Sometimes you can even replace the part yourself without having to hire a repairman, which can significantly add to the cost of repairing your appliance. Even after you’ve hired a repairman, he might tell you that you that the part is no longer available and your appliance can’t be fixed.

Typically, companies continue to manufacture replacement parts for a number of years after they discontinue manufacturing the appliance itself; however, if the company no longer makes the appliance or the parts, your search for the replacement parts will undoubtedly be more difficult. The span of time in which companies continue to manufacture replacement parts varies with each product. It is often determined by rigorous performance tests that the company conducts as it develops the appliance.

Sometimes parts can be found at local dealers, but you have to spend a lot of time calling each shop. Hard-to-find parts are often available on the internet. Several websites are dedicated to matching obsolete appliance parts with their respective appliances. Because these websites do not have to keep inventory, usually the parts are inexpensive compared to those that you would find at a local parts dealer. The older the appliance, though, the more difficult it is to find replacement parts. It’s much easier to find parts if you know the number of the replacement part you need. Any piece of information you have, such as the model number, brand name, and year of your appliance, will help in your search.
Once you’ve found the replacement part, don’t worry about repairing the appliance itself. Many of the websites that sell replacement parts also include benefits such as online repair manuals and instructions. There is no reason to live with a broken appliance, or to spend money to replace an appliance with only one defected part.

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