The various types of house siding

by | Feb 28, 2013 | Home Improvement

There are very few things that will improve the looks of house as dramatically as new siding. When completed, the curb appeal will have jumped dramatically; your house will look like new. There are a number of different siding types, including vinyl siding in Colorado Springs.

Many different types of siding have been tried over the years. Asbestos siding is now banned, and fiberglass and hard board have pretty well become passé. The primary materials used today for siding are wood, aluminum and vinyl. As they all have different features, costs and benefits, let’s look at them in detail.

Wood siding:

Wood siding has been in use for years; you can see its intrinsic beauty by looking at older homes. The problem with wood siding is maintenance; it requires frequent painting, and when overlaid with aluminum or vinyl the charm is gone forever. Wood siding is beveled and designed to be installed as an overlap. The siding can be planks if they are installed in the vertical plane rather than horizontal as is clapboard. The superior joint for planks is tongue and groove, but smooth surfaces can be butted. There are plywood products made that is no more than marine grade ply with grooves cut into the sheet in different patterns to emulate battens or boards.

Aluminum siding:

When the maintenance issues associated with clapboard became untenable, aluminum siding was developed and introduced as the solution. Aluminum siding brings with it all the desired features and benefits and still remains popular to this day as a low-maintenance alternative. Aluminum siding has holes at the top which allow the siding to be nailed against the exterior wall of the house; the bottom has locking tabs. When installed, the siding gives the appearance of overlapping clapboard. When introduced, aluminum siding had major problems with fading but these problems have all but been solved. The problem that cannot be solved is noise and there is no possibility of detailed trim. The modern aluminum siding is now delivered plastic or vinyl coated.

Vinyl siding:

Vinyl siding in Colorado Springs has a similar look to aluminum siding. It comes in strips and can be delivered for either vertical or horizontal installation. It installs in a very similar fashion to aluminum, the difference being the top and bottoms both seal with the next member so a watertight seal is produced. It is something like a Ziploc bag. Vinyl siding is available in a wide spectrum of colors and textures; some even emulate wood. The color is throughout the material, so there is never a need for painting. Professional installation is required to make sure there is no warping or sagging of the finished installation.

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