How To Detect A Leak With Your Commercial Heating Systems

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Many types of commercial heating systems can be purchased for your business as a way of heating and cooling the environment that you and your colleagues work in. When maintained properly, commercial heating systems will work efficiently and will be cheap to run. Regardless of whether you have gas systems, oil systems, natural energy systems, heat pump systems or water systems, it is vital that you get routine servicing to avoid expensive repairs and replacements. A common problem that can sometimes go unnoticed with commercial heating systems will be leaks. To avoid high utility bills, learn exactly how you can detect a leak and how it can be fixed.

Commercial Heating Systems – Visual Examinations

The first thing you can do to discover a leak with your commercial heating systems will be to visually examine the appliance. With a visual examination, you may also be able to find other underlying problems too, which when found early will be less costly to repair. Start by locating the relief valve, which should be on the exterior of your device. If you see any water puddles or moisture, you may need professional assistance. Fittings should be thoroughly analyzed to ensure that all connections are intact. By using your hands, you can conclude whether temperatures are different on certain parts of the pipe. If so, it is clear something is wrong.

Commercial Heating Systems – Paper Tests

If the visual examination proved that no leaks were present, you can perform some paper tests. The paper test for commercial heating systems will involve placing colored paper beneath the heating device. Leave the paper there for at least two hours and if you notice any water droplets on the paper upon your return, it is obvious that a leak is present. A professional service technician should now be called so that the appropriate repairs or replacements can take place.

Commercial Heating Systems – What Can Be Done?

There are many reasons why commercial heating systems will leak and pressure loss is a common cause. Regardless of how severe the leak may be, it is vital that you contact a HVAC repair company the minute you notice something is wrong. The faster that you act, the cheaper the repair will be and the lower the chances of needing a replacement. Generally, connectors and fittings will be tightened to prevent the leak from worsening, but an inspection from a professional will confirm this.

It is not advisable to operate commercial heating systems that are leaking because this can be very dangerous. To get your device repaired cheaply with guarantees, visit webiste.

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