Heat Out? Call a Furnace Repair Company in Green Bay, WI

by | Jun 21, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Winters in northern Wisconsin are extremely cold. So when a furnace breaks down on a cold night, homeowners worry about pipes freezing and then bursting. Not only do they face the possibility of a large Furnace Repair Green Bay WI bill, but they could also face a large plumbing bill as well. It helps to have a service agreement with a heating repair company. They will often put their customers who have a service agreement with them at the top of their service call list. That can mean the difference between a cold house and a frozen house with burst pipes.

In addition, most regular customers have their furnace cleaned and inspected. This can prevent many of the issues that cause a furnace to break down. A clean furnace also works more efficiently. It also helps keep the air cleaner in the house. The technician will either replace the air filter with a new one or he will clean a permanent air filter. The homeowner should also learn how to do this. At the peak of the heating season, this may need to be done about once a month. It is possible to clean the filter too often, so it’s good to discuss this with the service technician.

As the furnace ages, the annual maintenance visit is a good time to ask the service technician if it’s getting near the time to think about a new furnace. The Furnace Repair Green Bay WI company that has been looking after a home’s furnace will have the records to know how much more expensive it’s gotten to maintain. Furnace technology evolves about every 15 years. So if a furnace is still running but is older than 10 years old, it might be very inefficient in the way it uses oil to create heat.

That means that it’s time to replace it. Most heating companies are current on all the tax incentive programs to encourage homeowners to upgrade to more efficient furnaces. Many also offer financing programs to help their customers pay for the new furnace over time. Combining tax rebates and more fuel efficiency, many homeowners find it’s good for their family budget to upgrade to a new furnace.

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