About Bed Bug Removal in Columbia Maryland

Bed bugs are old enemies of humans that have taken on new strengths in recent decades. They were almost eliminated by the use of the pesticide DDT. However, DDT wound up killing endangered wildlife more than it did bed bugs and so it was banned in the United States. This coupled with the rise in international travel has made bed bugs a problem not seen in Maryland homes for a generation. Bed Bug Removal Columbia Maryland is a complicated process.

Getting an Inspection

Bed bugs are tiny, spend most of their lives hiding and can be difficult to spot. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, you need to schedule an inspection from a Bed Bug Removal Columbia Maryland professional. They know where bed bugs are most likely to hide and can check there for you. Some companies even have bed bug detection dogs that can sniff out just one bed bug in a room.

Pesticide Problem

Pesticides that are strong enough to kill modern bed bugs cannot be purchased by just anyone. The problem is that most pesticides need to come into direct contact with bed bugs in order to kill them. You need to go through extensive preparations to your home before the exterminators can have any chance at getting rid of your bed bug infestation. By preparing your home, you stand the best chance of the pesticide getting in contact with the bed bugs.

Home Preparations

Your pest control management company will give you a list of all the preparations you need to make. You need to strip off all bedding, curtains or table linens and wash them in hot soapy water. Cleaned items need to be placed in resealable plastic bags so bed bugs cannot get inside of them to hide from the pesticide. You need to clean all of your clothes and store them properly, too. You also need to clean up any clutter and pull furniture away from the walls so the exterminators can walk behind it.

Second Treatment

It’s normal to need more than one treatment to get rid of bed bugs. The second treatment is about 10 days later and kills any newly hatched bed bugs.

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