Worn Out Roof? Hire a Roofing Contractor in Georgetown, IN

by | Jun 21, 2013 | Roofing

The quality of the roof is one of the first things that potential home buyers notice when they drive up to a house. If the roof is in bad repair, it could sour them on the rest of the house. It doesn’t matter if the house is priced to to take into consideration that they’ll have to install a new roof. They might not be able to shake the fear that other things such as the furnace and water heater have been ignored. Therefore before a house is put on the market, it’s a good idea for a roofing contractor in Georgetown IN to inspect the roof and make recommendations.

If the roof does need to be replaced, it’s a good idea for the homeowner and contractor to include the real estate agent who will be selling the property. She spends hours talking to home buyers every day. She knows the color and style that will appeal to the most home buyers. The roofer then should give the homeowner a detailed estimate of the cost to install a new roof. The homeowner has to make sure that this includes taking off the old roof, making any improvements to the roof base, installing the roof and then cleaning up. Some contractors only quote the cost of installing the roof. This can lead to much higher than expected bills.

The homeowner should also ask the roofing Georgetown IN contractor what brands of shingles he prefers to use and how long the warranty is on both the labor and materials. Labor warranties tend to be less than five years, while materials warranties can extend to 20 or 30 years. It’s important to know what type of maintenance is expected to protect the warranties. Some homeowners believe that they should be able to pay for a roof and then not do another thing to it for 20 years.

That’s not ever the case. The homeowner or roofing contractor should inspect the house at least every two years. Preferably in the spring after the blustery winter storms in the north. Of course if there’s been a major hurricane in the area, the roof should be inspected immediately for wind damage.
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