Fires are Largely Preventable, but Commercial Fire Damage Restoration is There When Fire is Unavoidable

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Fire Damage Restoration

Fires are some of the most devastating disasters a business owner can face, and Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Pittsburgh PA can be monumental. Vigilance and care are the best ways to avoid fires, in cases where they are avoidable. By taking precautions such as those listed below, a property owner can protect themselves from fire and smoke damage, as well as loss of life.

Forming a Solid Escape

According to a survey was done by the National Fire Protection Association, many people overestimate the amount of time they have to get out during a fire. Because fires are unexpected, stressful events, having an exit strategy is important. Each room should have at least two exits, and doors and windows should be easily opened. Above all, no one should re-enter the building to retrieve belongings or pets after escaping a fire.

Playing it Safe Around Electronics

According to data from the US Fire Administration, 1000 are injured, and almost 300 die every year in electrical fires. Most of these fires are preventable with a few basic steps.

     *     Match bulbs to fixtures and recommended wattages.

     *     Plug all appliances into outlets rather than extension cords or power strips.

     *     Ask an electrician about installation of AFCIs, which shut off power when an arcing fault occurs

Installation of Smoke Alarms

Where fire prevention is concerned, smoke detectors are an important tool. According to American Red Cross statistics, 65% of all fire deaths happened in buildings not equipped with smoke alarms. All alarms should be connected, and they should be replaced once a decade. The property owner should install smoke alarms in the basement, in each room, on each level and in the kitchen.

Cooking Safety

Damage caused by cooking accidents is significant, costing American property owners over $1 billion per year, according to the NFPA. Cooking is a common activity, but it can be potentially risky. Experts recommend that home and business owners follow the tips below.

     *     Don’t leave food unattended while cooking.

     *     Don’t store flammable items near the oven and stove.

     *     Use a kitchen timer to avoid forgetting about cooking food.

Fires can cause severe damage, requiring extensive commercial fire damage restoration in Pittsburgh PA. However, most fires are partly or completely preventable. By following the tips above, property owners can minimize their risk of a devastating fire. When a fire does occur, Contact Metro Restoration to get the damage cleaned up quickly.

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