Long Handled Gardening Tools – A Blessing for Any Gardener’s Back

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Home and Garden

With the advent of technology, our life has become fast paced and machine based. It leads to a lot of stress. So it is not a surprise that people are desperately trying to find ways to unwind and relax. A good hobby definitely helps. What better way to relax than gardening? Gardening relaxes the body and mind. It brings you closer to nature, and provides you with an opportunity to take your mind off of your tensions.

Types of Tools

Every gardening activity requires a variety of garden tools to perform. The different gardening activities include tilling or weeding soil, sowing seeds, adding manure and fertilizers, irrigating, and harvesting. It is interesting to note that a large range of gardening tools is available to make gardening easier. Garden tools come in different sizes, shapes, colors, price range and needs. Gardening tools include long-handled gardening tools, short-handled tools, pruning tools and water cans.

How Long Handled Gardening Tools Help the Gardener

Long handled gardening tools are designed for gardeners working in a standing or seated position. They are designed with reach in mind. They help you reach the soil without much bending and stooping. This is more convenient for gardening, especially if you are suffering from a backache, or if you have to work for long hours on a particular gardening activity. A few long handled gardening tools that a gardener should have for preparing and maintaining the garden are:

  • Multi Tined Cultivators: These tools help to lift soil, make trenches in the ground and remove roots and weeds.

  • Rake: A rake helps to level the soil to make it suitable for sowing and planting maintenance.

  • Hoe: Hoes are used in maintenance of the garden to dig or remove weeds, harvest root crops and level soil.

  • Shovel: Shovel helps in digging and lifting soil.

  • Weeding tool: A tool such as the CobraHead Long Handle offers easy weed elimination.

Tips to Consider While Using Long Handled Gardening Tools

  • Choose the correct handle length depending on your height.

  • Always use the best quality tools available in the market.

  • Use the most appropriate tool depending on the gardening task at hand.

  • Always clean the tools after use and maintain them in good condition.

  • Dry metal and iron tools before storing to eliminate rust.

Choosing the most appropriate tool for the job reduces the strain of gardening and makes the activity more enjoyable. For versatile, easy to use long handled gardening tools made to last a lifetime, please visit CobraHead today.

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