Questions and Answers About Fire Restoration Services In Albuquerque

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Fire Damage Restoration

A fire inside the home can be very devastating for families. Items that weren’t destroyed by the fire will be covered in soot stains and they’ll have an odorous smell from the smoke. Individuals who find themselves in this predicament can contact a company that provides Fire Restoration Services in Albuquerque. Learn more information about this type of service by reading the questions and answers below.

After a house fire, when is the best time to contact a fire restoration company?

Individuals who have a house fire should contact a restoration company as quickly as possible. To prevent further damage, soot should be removed from surfaces and items inside the house as soon as possible. Water that’s in the carpeting or on the flooring material must be removed immediately. If water remains inside the house, mold will start to grow within a few days and that’s another problem that individuals don’t need. Many restoration services are available 24 hours a day to take calls from individuals who need their services.

Is it possible for individuals to clean up the fire damage themselves instead of contacting professionals?

Individuals can certainly try to clean up the fire damage by themselves, but a professional company can do a more thorough job. Professionals who do this type of work every day have the experience that’s needed to restore every kind of item that’s inside the house. Professionals also have special cleaners they use to remove tough smoke odors on various types of fabrics and surfaces. Drawing the water out of carpeting can be very time consuming and professionals use powerful equipment to remove the water and dry out the carpets.

How long will it take a fire restoration company to restore the home?

The answer to this question depends on the amount of damage that’s done to the home and how many items must be restored. Houses that are large and those that have extensive fire damage will take longer to restore than a smaller home that shows minimal damage. Before the company that provides Fire Restoration Services in Albuquerque begins the process, they’ll inspect the home and give a time estimate.

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