Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Marietta Or a New Unit?

Air conditioners are only designed to last a certain number of years before you need to replace it with a newer unit. However, some people try to milk as much out of their unit as possible in an effort to save money. There comes a time, though, where air conditioning repair in Marietta becomes too costly to be worth it. Identifying when it is best to repair or replace can help you make a better decision when the time comes.

Frequency of Repairs

It isn’t reasonable to expect you will never need air conditioning repair in Marietta. Newer units can also experience problems that require the help of a certified repair company. However, if your unit requires repairs frequently, potentially every year or even every month, it may be time to think about buying a new unit instead. Compare how much you are spending on repairs versus how much it would cost for a new unit.


Many people are all about saving energy in any way they can. Saving energy helps save the environment and also saves you money. Therefore, you want an air conditioning unit that is as efficient as possible. If you have an older unit in your home, it isn’t likely to be as efficient as one of the newer models. In many cases, your unit may pay for itself in just a few years with the money you will save on energy to heat and cool your home. Talk to a qualified technician about the efficiency of your current unit.

Lack of Warranty

While an expired warranty isn’t enough to make you decide to replace your air conditioning unit instead of repairing it, it can play a role in your decision. This is similar to the frequency of the repairs. If you need repairs often and your unit is no longer under warranty, you will be out the money for the repairs. Therefore, if you find you are spending too much money on repairs due to a lack of warranty, it may be time to consider a new one.

No one wants to spend the money on a new air conditioning unit if they can just get air conditioning repair in Marietta. However, there are signs you need to be aware of that will let you know if it is better to replace. If your air conditioning unit requires frequent, costly repairs, it no longer has a warranty and you are suffering from a lack of efficiency, a new unit can help you save money.

If you need help deciding if you need air conditioning repair in Marietta or if you should replace your unit, visit the Self Heating & Cooling.

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