Fruit Fly Control

Restaurants and residences alike know how much of a hassle fruit fly control can be—but also just how important it is. If you have ever gotten a fruit fly infestation also know that these little bugs are frustrating, annoying, and really difficult to get rid of. As soon as you think they are all gone there is a resurgence in the population and you are dealing with a whole new issue. The same goes for other creepy crawly pests like cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, and bed bugs. Even with all the exterminating and spraying in the world there always seems to be a couple that are able to weather the war and start up the colony again.

Never fear, there is an alternative to constantly walking around with a can of bug spray and a sharp eye. Vapor technology is changing the way that people see fruit fly control, and pest control in general. This type of pest control involves using a specially created pest control strip that when exposed to air releases a clean, odorless, and invisible vapor. This vapor seeps into the cracks and crevices around an area approximately 200 cubic feet. This vapor impacts the nervous system of a wide variety of pests including cockroaches, fruit flies, spiders, silverfish, and bed bugs. Within 24 hours of the vapor being released it will infect the pests and kill them. The reason that this type of technology is so potent is that it penetrates deeply into the area so that it can actually get to the reproduction areas, the “nests”, that are often very difficult to find or access.

Instead of luring the bugs to your area with other pest control techniques like bait or fly paper, the vapor technology keeps the bugs hidden but still kills them off quickly and completely. There will be no lingering members of the group to restart the population. Even better than killing them off, however, is the fact that this vapor technology is extremely effective in actually keeping the bugs from coming back into your space for up to four months. This means that you can continuously create a barrier to protect your home or restaurant from infestation without the use of dangerous sprays or gels.

After two decades in the restaurant industry the people at Fruit Fly Bar Pro had plenty of knowledge regarding pests and relatively ineffective control methods. So, they decided that they were going to do something about it themselves and develop a product that would kill and prevent pests without those dangerous, unpleasant methods they were used to trying. Now they offer their fly strips to the public so that anyone can take advantage of easy, mess and hassle-free pest control.



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