Choosing the Right Furnace to Save on Energy Bills

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The purpose of a furnace is to heat air. The home furnace performs a dual role: it heats the air and heats the water system of the house. When forests were widespread, wood was used as fuel for furnace heaters. Eventually, coal was used as a fuel. Later, oil and gases were used as fuel for furnace. There are different types of furnaces available in the market today. There are a number of furnace manufacturers in the market offering different features and varied prices. Based on customer’s budgets and needs, one can choose the appropriate furnace in New Canaan for one’s home.

Types of Furnaces

Based on fuel types used, furnaces are classified into oil burning furnace, gas-fired furnace, and electric furnaces. Electric furnaces are the most commonly used furnaces today. Gas furnaces and electric furnaces are easy to install and have lower operating costs. However, the furnace selection should be done depending upon fuel availability. Depending on the region and fuel prices, further selection should be determined. Fuel efficiency is the next vital feature to be considered in choosing a furnace. High AFUE furnace of range above 90% is generally recommended for cooler climate. And for places with moderate weather, AFUE value should be less than 90%. Since New Canaan is cooler, the selection of furnace in New Canaan should be based on the weather experienced during winter. Another important factor to consider in determining the furnace is the room size. Some people use gas-fired furnaces for heating, and oil burned furnace for heating the water. Since each of the fuel operated furnace has its own pros and cons, it is necessary to do a thorough research before buying a furnace.

Selection and Services Offered

New Canaan has an average weather of 30 degrees Celsius during the winter. There are many models, features, options, and add-on features available; and sellers of furnace in New Canaan also added solutions for new furnace installation, repair, or retrofitting services. They provide services to both residential and commercial customers. They provide complete solution and help the customers to choose the right configuration for their needs. They suggest the best place for installation. They suggest the type of furnace required depending on the property location and budget. If the installation is new or you are replacing an older furnace, they likewise suggest appropriate solution regarding duct work. Apart from the above features, there are number of add-ons to the furnace to make it a robust and versatile heating system. Some of the additional features offered by furnace suppliers in New Canaan are programmable thermostat, heat pump, humidification, dehumidification and central air conditioning option.

For replacement of existing installation, they study and perform the installation properly. This is to avoid loss of heat and leakage of fuel; this, in turn, helps in reducing the electricity or gas bill. They also set the thermostat to optimum levels to ensure that uniform heat is provided. They do the sizing of the furnace system based on the area of the house, and place the filters, exhaust pipes and outlets properly. Furnace technicians in New Canaan  are trained and certified to perform this tedious installation task.

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