Advantages of Video Duct Inspection, Westchester County NY

The air you breathe can directly affect how healthy you feel. If your air is filled with dust, dirt, mold spores or other particles, then you can suffer from chronic allergies, headaches and sore throats. Air ducts that have not been cleaned in a while also develop strange odors which can leak into the premises. The best way to get your air ducts cleaned is to first get a Video duct inspection Westchester County NY or elsewhere.


Video duct inspection helps locate any potential air contaminants better than conventional methods. Tiny video cameras can enter places too narrow for an arm. They can also go around corners and bends. Cameras are able to get into places hidden from view. They can be used to inspect difficult to inspect places such as behind fans, along work seams and in turn vanes.

Saves Time

Before the remote operated camera or video inspection robot, duct work would have to be opened up for inspection. This could take days to disassemble parts, check them out and then reassemble them. A building as large as 25,000 square feet can be inspected in just eight hours with a video inspection robot. Remote cameras are equipped with a light that can make inspection or identifying air contaminants much easier.

Safety for Workers

Using a video inspection robot is much safer for the duct inspectors or cleaners than by conventional methods such as crawling into an air shaft. Not only does the worker breathe in any contaminants in the duct, but he or she can be severely injured if a fan accidentally gets turned on. Even just sticking an arm into a duct can be a risky procedure.

Proof of Inspection

Property owners, especially business owners, need to comply with local building codes about duct maintenance. Having a video or CD of the inspection helps prove that a building owner has been actively maintaining the building.

You never know when someone is going to slap you with a silly lawsuit claiming that the air in your building made them sick. Your duct cleaning and inspection service should be able to provide you with any video records you need.

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