Choosing a St. Louis Roofer Contractor

How do you find a roofer / contractor to help you in St. Louis? Here are some tips whether you need a brand new roof (rip and re-roof), a roof overlay, a roof on a brand new build, or a roof repair.

*  Google search
*  Review sites
*  Talk to your neighbors
*  Get a few quotes

Google Search for Roofers:

A Google search can reveal the most popular roofer / contractor St. Louis options. Google searches tend to organize results by a few factors including popularity, relevance, and geographical area. By adding St. Louis to your search terms you’ll have a good chance of seeing a few potential options near you. Once you’ve seen those listings you can peruse the website and research further. It’s important to look for established roofers and contractors in St. Louis who have a good reputation.

Read Roofer Contractor Reviews

Review sites offer insight into reputations of local businesses based on other consumers’ opinions and experiences. One good review shouldn’t convince you. One bad review shouldn’t deter you. It’s important to see what’s being said and coupled with your dealings with that company make a judgement call.

Talking to Neighbors for Recommendations

Has a neighbor had a roof done recently? They can make recommendations based on their experience.

Get a Few Quotes on Roofing Services

Beyond getting a few quotes and looking at bottom line pricing, also factor this with the aforementioned elements to determine which roofer might be the best. The least expensive may or may not be the right roofer contractor for your St. Louis home and the reverse might also be true. Reputation, pricing, warranty, and customer service are all important.

Whether you need a new roof, a roof repair, or a roof overlay you want the best company for the job. After all, your roof provides shelter and protection for some of (if not THE most) your most treasured possessions.

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