Prep for painting by power washing the exterior

Anytime that the temperature is right is the right time to have the exterior of your house painted. There is far more to painting than meets the eye, as a matter of fact surface preparation is one of the most important stages of the process. Although there will invariably be the need for sanding and scraping, before any of this happens you should arrange pressure washing in Clarksville TN. There are a few very good reasons why pressure washing first is important to the finished job.

  • Paint will not adhere to dirt:

To ensure a perfect painting job the surface must be free of dirt, otherwise, in a short period of time you will notice places where the paint is actually flaking off. Removing the dirt from the exterior surface is absolutely imperative before painting begins. When you take into account how expensive it is to have your home painted don’t jeopardize your investment for the sake of a little more time spent in surface preparation.

  • Remove old paint:

As well as dirt, mold, dust, spider webs, etc there is bound to be patches on the existing surface where the paint is peeling or is bubbled. Pressure washing in Clarksville TN is an ideal method to remove the paint, exposing a superior surface to prime and finish coat.

  • Get superior staining on clean wood:

There is more to maintaining your home than just having it professionally painted, many homeowners have a wood patio or deck that is stained rather than painted. Over time, algae, mildew and mold can form on the surface of the wood; the result is a dull, dingy surface. Power washers are designed to be used with chemical mixers as well as plain water; these problems can quickly be eliminated, leaving the surface perfectly prepared for a new cost of stain.

It makes no sense to paint or stain over anything but the base material, if you want a good looking, long lasting finish then pressure washing in Clarksville is the best way to ensure it.

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