Benefits of Plants in the Workplace

Greenery in the office, like plants in the home, spruces up the space while offering psychological and health benefits. Live Plant Installation in Philadelphia is a fairly inexpensive method of improving the office atmosphere. The reception area includes a common space for plants, while employees gain the additional benefit of plants within their workspaces.


Plants will soften the typically harsh and plain appearance of a sterile work environment. The greenery will add color to an office, a huge help as the furniture and walls are often bland. Flowering plants will add even more of a pop to the office. While placed inside the reception area, these green lovelies greet clients and visitors with a natural appearance in a welcoming, attractive display. Also, well-manicured plant displays make a positive impression on possible employees.


Live Plant Installation in Philadelphia will add moisture to the air, helping to lower the temperature and increase humidity levels. As plants are placed inside the work areas, workers might feel more comfortable overall. Also, plants may assist in reducing noise between work areas, and act as a sound barrier. For instance, you might place a shelf alongside the top corner of a cubicle, and place plants upon the shelf.


Plants will improve the air quality in an office, which includes a possible health benefit. The natural photosynthesis process will absorb carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen inside the air. Also, plants absorb pollutants, and provide clean air. New structures which are better insulated and sealed trap pollutants that are released from furniture and carpeting. Indoor plants will absorb these pollutants for a healthier atmosphere. Plants which work especially well at absorbing pollutants include dracaena, weeping fig, philodendron, bamboo palm, spider plant, and English ivy.

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