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by | Apr 8, 2014 | Electrical

It’s probably not a new idea to most gardeners, and they have probably had the idea so many times and dismissed it simply for one reason—it’s not gardening if it’s inside. We are talking here, about the idea of a grow room.  A grow room consists of any ‘enclosed’ space either indoors or in a tent or greenhouse, that can be used for the growing and cultivating of plants, fruit, vegetation or flowers. The notion of the grow room is not a new idea, but it is fairly recent in terms of horticulture and farming. At first people used greenhouses, and they still do. However, a greenhouse is generally better at helping plants to growing in natural conditions because it assists with natural sunlight. It creates a more tropical atmosphere and helps plants to stay healthy during the winter months.

New Options for Indoor Growers

Nowadays there are many more legal uses for LED growing lights due to the new laws in Colorado and Washington for marijuana use. Many growers use a grow room in their business premises to cultivate and propagate marijuana plants for medical and recreational use. The recently new laws have opened the doors for many new businesses in both States and those businesses are selling various types of indoor grown weed to their medical and recreational customers.

It is not just marijuana growers who get to benefit from indoor growing, but those with highly limited outside spaces can grow wonderful produce in their own homes with the aid of window boxes, grow lamps and the right ‘artificial’ conditions. Making the most of growing your own indoor plants, herbs, vegetables and even some fruit, can bring such incredible satisfaction. Think about that very first tomato that blossoms into a juicy red fruit to have with your salad, or those very tiny stems that burst into fresh chives. It’s all about loving the growing experience.

Many indoor conditions are created in ‘factory farms’ for flowers in order to make them grow all year round. Think about flowers such as roses for Valentine’s Day, where do they come from? It’s probably a growing farm that produces year round flowers that are force grown in artificial situations with LED’s so that we can have them whenever we want them.

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