How Steel Recycling in Millville is Helping to Save the Earth

Local residents are helping create a greener planet by partnering with area professionals who specialize in Steel recycling in Millville, New Jersey. Experts, such as American Eagle Auto Salvage & Recycling, Inc., work to conserve the earth’s resources, and provide a range of services that include:

*    CONTAINERS: Steel recycling in Millville often begins when American Eagle staff drop off large containers that customers can fill with recyclable materials. These can range in size from 6 to 40 yards in size, and be used to collect material from construction sites, industrial areas, and even home renovation projects. Recycling facilities will then process and re-purpose a wide variety of building items that include aluminum siding, plumbing pipes, sheet metal, clips, extrusion, and more. Technicians can pick up the containers, empty them, and return them to the site if they are still needed.

*    SCRAP METAL COLLECTION: The public can safely dispose of a variety of metals by selling them to the recycling facility, which will pay a fair price. The facility specializes in brass, steel, and aluminum recycling, as well as copper recycling, scrap boilers, and more. Local residents can bring aluminum cans, stainless steel, lead, computer boards, die cast metals, brass, batteries, and more.

*    VEHICLE RECYCLING: American Eagle also accepts vehicles as part of Metal Steel recycling in Millville. They will tow scrap vehicles to their facility, and they offer general towing services to the public. Scrapped vehicles are expertly broken down and toxic oils metals, and other components are safely disposed of, to ensure that they do not end up in landfills. This prevents cars and trucks from polluting water supplies as their toxins break down and seep into the ground.

*    EDUCATION: Recycling experts educate their communities about how the process benefits the planet. They help residents understand how much energy is wasted when they throw away metals, such as aluminum cans. Professionals explain to customers how recycling can reduce as much as 70% of mining waste, air pollution, and water pollution.

Recycling facilities in Millville, New Jersey greener by processing autos, building debris, and a wide variety of consumer containers, among other items. They dispose of toxins safely, keep scrap metal out of yards and off streets, and educate the public about the value of recycling.



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