4 Tips for Making Recessed Lighting Look Luxurious in Your Home

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Electrical

One of the most popular lighting choices for homes is recessed lighting in Wilmette. This very versatile lighting option comes with tons of pros, and very few cons. However, there are some ways that you can elevate your use of recessed lighting to get a luxury look for your home. Here are our top four tips for using recessed lighting the right way.

1. Choose a detailed trim.

Recessed lighting is often hidden in the ceiling with a plain trim that is flush with the ceiling. However, you can find trim that stands out and adds visual interest to a space. Consider metal finishes in rooms with rich hardwood floors to add a sense of refinement for example.

2. Use recessed lighting in Wilmette to highlight art or other objects.

If you have a focal point in your room, be sure to use the recessed lighting in that room to highlight that focus. For example, a hallway that features a lovely work of art should have a light pointed at the art. A bathroom with a gorgeous Jacuzzi tub should have some recessed lighting over the tub. Many kitchens place the recessed lighting over the appliances to make them sparkle.

3. Use recessed lighting to light the wall, not the floor.

One mistake many people make with their recessed lighting is to point them directly at the floor. However, all this does is make a spot of light on your floor, rather than lighting up the room. When you spread the light across the biggest vertical surface in the room, the light is diffused and bounced around, creating more light in the entire room.

4. Use dimmers for your recessed lighting.

Recessed lighting can often get very intense, especially if you have several in one space. Many times, recessed lighting in Wilmette is placed in small areas where you want to save space (like closets), but where you may appreciate a dimmer light from time to time. Consider having a dimmer placed on all your lights so that you can adjust the lights whenever you want.

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