3 “Backward” Steps to Kitchen Remodel Prep

When preparing for kitchen remodeling Troy MI, it is best to work backward. That doesn’t mean doing things out of order, but rather working in reverse of the order in which your kitchen was built. Not sure of that order? Use this handy guide for a reference when taking your current kitchen apart and preparing for your update:

Unplug and Disconnect

The first step for any kitchen should be unplugging all appliances and disconnecting the flow of electricity, water, and gas to the entire area. Disconnect and unplug the following:

  • Stove or range(s)
  • Oven(s)
  • Dishwasher(s)
  • Garbage disposal(s)
  • Lights
  • Sink, etc.
  • Refrigerator, if necessary

Note that if you disconnect your refrigerator, you may have to find an alternative location or power source for a few days to several weeks to ensure your family has access to fresh food and drinks!


Once appliances are disconnected, pull them out and remove or protect them. What you do for each will depend on if you are keeping or getting rid of the item. If you are keeping it, wrap securely with a tarp or drop cloths and relocate to a safe spot during the entirety of your remodel.

This is also the time to remove cabinetry and fixtures as necessary. This will allow for new placements or protect pieces that you intend to keep. Be sure to hang onto hardware as these small pieces can be easy to lose.

Strip Flooring, Walls, Etc.

If you intend to replace flooring and perform other largescale projects in the kitchen, remove it once all your other items have been relocated or disposed of. This way, you won’t damage any cabinetry or appliances in the process.

Not sure you can handle your Troy MI kitchen remodel? Contact a local remodeling company such as Acorn Kitchen & Bath to get the help you need before the remodel begins and get the professional results you need. Your stuff will remain safe, and your kitchen will look better than you ever imagined once it’s all said and done!

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