Are Water Damage Restoration Services For NYC A Luxury Or A Necessity?

To anyone who owns a single story building; or lives in a ground floor apartment located in one of the lower lying areas of the city, such as Battery Park on the southern tip of Manhattan Island, Water Damage Restoration Services For NYC definitely became a necessity following the record storm surge of 14.41 feet that came along with Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Thousands of homes and businesses were either destroyed or severely affected by the influx of storm water.

It’s Not Only The Wet

If a building is inundated by heavy rain coming in or a burst water pipe or storage tank; the water is generally clean and the damage comes from things such as carpets and furniture absorbing the water. Restoration is mainly a question of drying them out (even then, carpet colors may get washed out and natural fiber carpets are prone to shrinkage). Any good carpet and upholstery cleaner should be able to arrange almost complete restoration.

But Also The Muck

However when the water is rushing in from flooded streets; it will be badly contaminated; not only from mud and such that has been picked up in the flood but also solids and fluids from sewers and the like. When the waters recede; everything within the flooded premises will be in a terrible state and will soon begin to smell badly and probably become very unhygienic. In these circumstances, water damage restoration services In NYC area must be instigated as soon as possible if anything is going to be satisfactorily salvaged and brought back to anywhere near its original, pre-flood condition.

Not only low lying areas suffer. A similar scenario can be found in a building that has experienced a fire that has been successfully put out by the firemen but only after many gallons of water have been hosed over and into the building. Here, there is both fire damage and dirty water damage to contend with.

The whole gamut of cleaning, waste removal construction services will possibly be required to fully accomplish restoration in either of the above circumstances. This is going to be a major undertaking and the decisions on what to do and who should do it are likely to be made by an insurance company. However, for lesser damage such as soaked carpets and upholstery; the owner might decide to deal directly with a firm providing Water Damage Restoration Services In NYC.


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