Various Ways to Enhance your Patio Doors

Many homes in San Diego have patio doors that lead into the backyard, pool deck or other area of your property. It’s a great way to bring a bit of the outside in by allowing natural sunlight and gentle breezes to come into the home. One of the biggest draws to having patio doors in San Diego is that the large windows and glass doors allow you an unobstructed view into nature while still remaining indoors and bug-free. But with such a large area allowing in light and the peeping eyes of nosy neighbors, what can you do as far as window dressing? Rest assured there are quite a few options and we will cover some below.

Shutters, Shades and Draperies – Oh my!

The most commonly used window dressings are roller shades. These vertical slats of hanging vinyl, bamboo or other material can easily be slid open or closed to adjust the amount of outside world you want to see that day. Allow in the warm morning sun, but block out the hot afternoon rays at the simplest tug on a rod or chain. Shutters can add an extra dimension to the room, while still being perfectly useful. Normally made of wood, shutters can be individually adjusted on each window to be opened or closed. Whether they are used indoors or out, shutters can provide additional architectural appeal to your home. Draperies are a great way to adjust the lighting and privacy, while adding a dash of color to the area. Draperies can be mounted in several ways to suit your personal styles, and with thousands of patterns available in fabrics, you can easily find one that will complement your patio doors in San Diego. In addition, for those who may work during the nights and sleep throughout the days, draperies can be found in light-blocking fabrics to make resting on clear summer afternoons much easier for you. US Window & Door can provide patio door installation services to ensure that your rooms are well lit with plenty of sunshine streaming through during the day.

Elegant Valances and Top Treatments

Large or small, any sliding patio door can be enhanced with some form of top treatment whether it’s a valance, cornice, or other decorative element. Top treatments are a way to combine shutters or shades with draperies. Couple the top treatment with a shutter or vertical shades, and your patio doors from US Window & Door can become an attractive part of your home that both your family and any visitors will surely enjoy. With such a wide range of materials to choose from, you can easily find one that will fit your patio doors perfectly while adding a nice dash of color, elegance or eye-catching attractiveness to any room in your home.

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