Advantages of Stone Retaining Wall in Pittsburgh

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

A retaining wall doesn’t only fulfill a specific purpose; instead it also acts as a decorative feature in a garden. You can see lots of examples of stone retaining walls in Pittsburgh and they look so beautiful due to natural qualities. Though, there are several other materials available for such walls but stone has certain benefits which are described here.

* A stone retaining wall is considered very functional, because of strength, besides it can hold a huge weight of dirt on it which is not possible for other materials, hence, weather cannot affect this wall. If it’s built by an expert, it can live for lifetime and there are no chances of damage due to any reason.

* With a stone retaining wall, you have a multiple choices, because there are many styles in which it can be built. Like a gabion wall which is made by filling he mesh with stone. Then there is a dry stack wall where no mortar is used as stones are put over each other. Another type is mortared stone wall where stones are fixed with mortar. All these walls are made in Pittsburgh, and they are very strong.

* Stone walls can increase your home’s price with the time, because they are very durable and can last for years. Moreover, stones look very elegant and make the landscape more attractive, hence the buyers love such houses. Besides, with a stone wall around, you can use any other material and landscape feature. You can also use this wall to divide various terrace areas, including kids playing are, or a place for vegetables and fruits or for outdoor dining and barbeque.

* As stone is a very durable material and its natural, hence less maintenance is required. Just a splash of water can make them look fresh like new. In fact the more they are exposed to rain and outdoor environment, the more they become durable and beautiful. They don’t need any kind of polishing, or painting. As they are not prone to damage, hence no labor is required to rebuild a stone retaining wall in Pittsburgh so no money required.

* You can even use plants with them as moisture won’t affect these walls, or even a nearby water feature will look great.

* They are cheap, especially in areas where stone is locally available. However, in other areas though they are a bit high in price, but labor cost is not that high. Besides, the labor is also easily available as stone is the oldest material, hence we can find more experts to build this wall.

* You can create a natural outdoor area in your home with this wall, which will make your life pleasant. You can place any kind of garden furniture with stone walls; especially cane furniture will create an enhanced natural look.

Though, benefits are great but you can only enjoy them if you choose a builder carefully, because a badly built wall can create an ugly look, and you will also lose your money.

If you want to have stone pavers, Lockcrete Bauer is a well known company dealing in this material. The labor provided is very committed. Their services are available at many locations.

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