Painting Contractor in Stamford, CT – Enhancing the Ceilings with Paint

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

There are different ways of enhancing various architectural elements, and paint is one of those ways. Same is true about ceilings, which have gone though many revolutions by a painting contractor in Stamford, CT and other areas. Ceilings are not only providing a shelter from weather conditions, but they also act as a decorative purpose. These days you can see several ceiling designs being enhanced by paint and lights, etc.

It’s very common to paint a ceiling in white and then leave it alone, as it’s considered a best policy. However, you can make your ceiling a special part of the room, which is not only done with chandleries or pendants, etc. You can Accent a ceiling with paint, making it look high or low as you require. In fact this is how you can create an illusion of space, though the actual ceiling remains there but creates a different feeling in your mind. If a room is very dull you can make it bright by using a bright paint on the ceiling, however the actual height should be considered first.

You can easily misuse the power of paints, so before you buy paint you should already have an idea of the space and what you want to do with it. All this planning will help you choose a better color for your room walls and ceiling. A painting contractor in Stamford, CT follows the same policy before starting any job. He does all this planning after inspecting the room and discussing with his client.

How colors effect the interior?

* Dark, bright or intense colors can be suitable only for high ceilings like which are more than 10 feet; as if you do it on a low height the room will look smaller having a low height. Whereas, if the ceiling is low, you should use lighter tones as they reflect more light making the room bright and creating an illusion of space.

* Similarly, by using a vivid color you can make it alive, but this sometimes may become over powering. You should take care of the rest of the room décor before using any color. You can use a rich melon color for a ceiling if you want to keep it in the back ground, enhancing the rest of the décor instead of the paint itself.

* Light pastels are also a good choice when you want to raise the ceiling, like sky blues and sunny yellow. This will more work if the walls are painted in a deeper in shade of the same color.

* Similarly, you can also create magic with bright white which is a pure tone, and if you keep the rest of the walls bright, white will reflect the bright color. If you don’t like too much reflection, you can paint the ceiling as off-white.

All these tricks are used by a painting contractor working in various places, including Stamford, CT. However, everything should be done wisely.

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