Adding Beauty And Safety With Wrought Iron Screen Doors

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Doors

Anywhere you live in the United States is a great place to be able to open up your front or back door and enjoy a beautiful breeze during the spring, summer and autumn months. When you need protection from debris, insects, and for added security, screen doors have always been a very popular option.

However, for many people, leaving a door or a window open, even with a screen door, is a security concern. One way to enjoy all the benefits of a screen door with security and safety in mind is to choose wrought iron screen doors. These are certainly not your traditional screen doors, and with just a quick look at the benefit you can easily see why.

Traditional Screen Doors versus Wrought Iron

It is almost impossible to attempt to compare traditional vinyl, aluminum or wood screen doors to a classically designed and beautifully crafted style of wrought iron door.

Of course, both are designed to allow fresh air into the home but wrought iron screen doors are not the flimsy, lightweight, and typical screen doors you will find at any hardware store. Instead, they give a unique look of class and elegance and, since they are custom designed, they will perfectly match your style, décor, and personal taste.

The Benefits

When adding a wrought iron door, you can now choose customized metal mesh that fits into the window area. The window can be opened inward the magnetic screen put easily in place. When the window is closed the mesh can be simply removed and safely stored until next use.

This allows the family to enjoy having the window open but never leave their home unsecured. In addition, with the screen in place, even smaller cats and dogs will not be tempted to try to get out through the decorative wrought iron that creates the pattern.

Another benefit with the combination of wrought iron screen doors and metal mesh is the durability of the complete system. The door frames will never chip or crack, and they will stand up to the elements for a lifetime of use. The metal mesh screen is also very durable and won’t tear like nylon screen. In addition, these doors are beautiful and stylish, adding value to any home as a front or back door.

When it comes to practical and beautiful, it is hard to find a better match for any home that a wrought iron door. With the option to include windows that open and magnetic screens for increased security and functionality, they really are a beautiful way to say “Welcome to our home.”

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