Tips for Selecting the Right Window Treatments in Stamford

by | Aug 26, 2015 | Home Improvement

With the large number of shutters, shades, and curtains available for windows, it can be difficult to know which one is best for a home. Shades or café curtains? Drapes or blinds? The biggest priority for selecting window treatments needs to be deciding if light or privacy is desired for the space. In some cases, both will be wanted. Making the right decision is easy when the tips here are used for choosing Window Treatments in Stamford.

Semi-sheer Treatments

Areas such as the living room or family room do not typically require very much privacy. However, depending on the total number of windows, it may always need light. Sources of natural light can help to brighten a living room, which is when semi-sheer Window Treatments in Stamford should be used.

Cellular Shades

There are a number of bathrooms, especially ones that are located on the first floor of a home, that require a maximum level of privacy. These shades provide full privacy but still allow in natural light the best of both worlds in terms of window treatments.


Bedrooms located on a home’s first floor typically require extra privacy compared to bedrooms on higher levels, but the homeowner may also desire natural light in both spaces. Choosing a more contemporary option will provide privacy, as well as natural light.

Roller Shades

Whether there is a bathroom on the second or first floor, if the home is located close to a neighbor’s house, it will require additional privacy. A roller shade is a perfect option for this since it is perforated, allowing light to filter into the room, but also provide enough privacy for occupants.

Blackout Curtains

When it comes to Window Treatments in Stamford, an option that has become extremely popular is blackout curtains. This option for windows completely blocks natural light, which is popular for nurseries and other rooms. These also help a home stay more energy efficient during the summer, blocking some of the heat let in by traditional window treatments.

Dominic’s Decorating offers additional information regarding how to choose the right window treatment. Considering all the options can help a homeowner make the right decision for their needs. Keeping these tips in mind can be extremely beneficial.

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