High-Quality Designs and Spa-like Features are Making Walk-in Tubs Suitable for any Home

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Spa Accessories

Every year over 250,000 people seeks treatment at an emergency room in the United States for injuries received in the bathroom. Of these, 12 percent occur while getting in or out of the shower or tub. This type of accident is dangerous for anyone but is especially risky for seniors who often suffer the worst injuries and are more frequently hospitalized when they occur.

Walk-in Tubs have helped to reduce this type of incident and are making it possible for many older people to have more freedom even when their mobility and balance have begun to fail. Because these tubs do not require stepping over the side of a wet tub or standing to wash as is necessary for showers, it reduces the most common movements that cause slips and falls.

The tubs are available with handrails to make standing and sitting down safer and easier. Since not everyone has a time to take a bath every day, there are adjustable shower heads, so users can be seated while they shower. Seats are built in, so there is no tripping hazard as there is when a removable shower seat is brought into a traditional tub or shower. The tub seats include built-in anti-slip grippers that prevent bathers from slipping under the surface of the water. Anti-scald features stop the water temperature from becoming too hot while the tub is filling.

Walk-in Tubs are not just for seniors, anyone with any mobility issues who wants to remain independent and keep their privacy will enjoy the relaxation and freedom these tubs offer. Many tubs have hydrotherapy jets, which are extremely beneficial for those with joint pain and stiffness. Because there are numerous stylish versions available, it is possible to have one installed and still retain the same level of design quality in the bathroom.

Business Name can help homeowners to find the right size and style of tub with all of the extras each homeowner wants and needs. If you are ready to make your bathroom safer for all users, contact them to learn more about how this one addition may help to improve the quality of life for everyone in your home.

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