4 Reasons Bethlehem, PA Homeowners Need To Hire Lawn Care Professionals

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Home and Garden

Most people assume that growing a lawn in a warm, tropical part of the country like Jupiter is easy and requires very little work and effort. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as lawns and gardens have very special requirements that change based on the season.

All Year Round

Unlike our neighbors to the north, lawn care is a 365 day a year job. Though the growing season does slow down over the winter months, the lawns do not die out, so they will still need continuous care.

And if you are not careful, this is the time of year that insects can do major damage to your lawn, so it is important to have a professional lawn care service in Bethlehem, PA to keep this from happening. These services typically offer a range of packages that can be customized to meet your needs. You can choose to do some of the work yourself, but you don’t have to do it all.

Reasons to Consider

Here are four other very good reasons to hire professional lawn service:

1. One flat rate – when you hire a professional, reputable, and established lawn service, you will have a contract for your service. You can budget per month and know just what services they will perform and what your cost will be. This means no unexpected bills for a new lawnmower, no issues with having to buy gas and oil, and no added demands on the budget for fertilizer, weed control products, or any other types of equipment.

2. Expert service – unless you want to spend time in learning soil analysis, gardening, landscaping practices, and turf management strategies, leave it up to the professionals. You will see an improvement in your lawn and your neighbors in Jupiter will too!

3. Enjoyment of your yard – instead of having to come home and mow for a few hours, weed gardens, trim shrubs and rake leaves, you will have everything done when you get home. You can just sit out in the backyard and enjoy a relaxing sunset or book as you look out over a perfectly manicured lawn and garden.

4. Safe use of chemicals – whether it is fertilizer, insecticides or herbicides, a professional lawn care service will ensure the products are applied correctly and safely for you and your family.

If you haven’t used a lawn service, this is a gift worth giving yourself. Make it a point to contact a few services and compare prices and services this week.

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