Why Using A Commercial Roofing Company in Long Island NY To Install A Green Roof Makes Sense

by | Sep 18, 2015 | Roofing

A commercial roofing company in Long Island NY can install a beautiful a green roof on a building. People who are thinking of adding green roofs need to know that there are basically two different kinds of green roofs. An intensive green roof is green roof that can have a complicated irrigation system, park benches, and walkways. It can actually have trees on it. Such a roof requires a lot of maintenance and can deal with vegetation loads of more that 100 pounds per square foot. Extensive green roofs aren’t accessible to people like intensive green roofs. They support fewer pounds of vegetation per square foot. They also don’t require much maintenance.

There are a number of great reasons why a property owner might want to hire a Commercial Roofing Company in Long Island NY to install a green roof. A green roof can reduce the amount of energy that a building needs to use. The roofs can also help to make the air quality better. Vegetation can actually absorb gases that are in the air. Green roofs also help to reduce the amount of sound that people who are inside of the building can hear. Some also feel that green roofs just look better. People are often stunned by the beauty of both extensive and intensive green roofs. Intensive green roofs can resemble parks. Green roofs can also increase the value of the properties they are installed on.

So how do property owners decide which type of green roof they want to be installed? A person can Contact Business Name or another roofing company to get a roofing quote. This an important part of making a choice. An intensive green roof can cost a lot of money to put up. There also has to be a rough estimation of maintenance costs. If these costs are within the budget, there isn’t anything stopping a person from choosing an intensive green roof. An example of an intensive green roof that can be seen online is the roof of the Chicago City Hall. For example of an extensive green roof, people can search for online pictures of the Bronx County Courthouse.

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