Be Ready For Old Man Winter With Quality Insulation

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Roofing

The leaves will soon be changing and in a short amount of time the frost will arrive on the pumpkins. It’s important to be ready for the winter months with quality insulation installed in a home. These insulation systems can increase the energy savings in a home through proper ventilation, air flow and adequate insulation in the attic and stairwells. Proper insulation and ventilation are important to the health and temperature of a home. When there is too much insulation or improperly installed insulation, this can allow moisture to be increased in a home. This moisture can lead to mold concerns in an attic and the living space.

An insulation system can be installed with rolls or batts of insulation. Proper ventilation from the soffit vents into the attic should be installed for insulation systems to adequately work. Cross-ventilation is necessary to prevent ice dams during the winter months and strain on the cooling system in the summer. Roll or batt insulation can be installed over existing insulation. It’s important that it’s installed properly to prohibit the heat from escaping while keeping a home warm.

Another choice of insulation is loose fill insulation. Loose fill is also known as blown-in insulation. This type of insulation is pink fiber glass insulation and won’t settle like the shredded paper insulation. This insulation is just as valuable for reducing energy costs as rolls or batts of insulation in an attic. This insulation fills small cracks and openings in which rolled insulation cannot reach. A professional insulation company can offer solutions for safety issues such as covering recess lighting a fire hazard while still maintaining the insulation value. Metal chimneys or heating pipes should be at least three inches away from the insulation.

Another wonderful insulation product is the spray foam insulation that can be used for cathedral ceilings, attic spaces, or any other places within a structure. This type of insulation expands into cracks and crevices and remains hard to the touch. It’s important to contact usto get a free estimate on an insulation project. Their experience, knowledge, and family-owned business culture will offer a home owner various options to choose from at affordable prices.

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