Why the Demand for Wood Flooring Installation in NYC Is Always High

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Flooring

Anyone who has visited a home in the heart of New York City has noticed that many properties still include original wood floors. For over two hundred years, residents have been using a variety of woods to create elegant, sturdy surfaces. Today, homeowners who want to replicate that historic charm often rely on professionals like New York Wood Flooring for expert Wood Flooring Installation in NYC homes. Wood is also popular because it provides timeless style, a range of choices, and easy maintenance.

Wood Floors Offer Variety

Homeowners often decide to replace tile or carpeting with wood so they can create elegant, but unique, looks. Fortunately, experts who supply products and provide Wood Flooring Installation in NYC offer a wide variety of options. Depending on the species of trees that boards are made from, the appearance of woods can vary widely. For example, customers can opt for rich maple, cherry, walnut, rosewood, and mahogany. They can also brighten darker spaces with delicate blond pine, birch, or ash.

Wood Instantly Increases Home Values

Clients often replace the original home flooring with wood when they want to increase home values. Hardwoods accomplish that because they are some of the most beautiful flooring materials available. Floors also match any decorating theme, so owners do not need to change them every time they renovate. In fact, wood floors are often high on home buyers’ wish lists because they never go out of style and add elegance to any space.

Wood Flooring Is Easy to Maintain

Busy homeowners who want to minimize upkeep often install wood floors. Unlike carpets, woods do not retain dust mites, chemicals, or other allergens. There are no grout lines to collect dirt. Floors are finished when they are installed to protect them and make cleanup easy. Quick sweeping or mopping will tidy and sanitize them. Even if floors are worn to the original, unfinished wood, homeowners can restore their beauty with sanding and refinishing.

It is fairly common for New York City residents to install wood floors to increase home values and add beauty. Wood flooring is also popular because it is available in dozens of colors and patterns. In addition, installers will add finishes that make it easy to keep surfaces beautiful and sanitary.

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