Why Choose a Carrier Heat Pump?

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Air Conditioning

As the winter months approach, it’s likely that you’re dreading the jump in your gas bill that’s sure to happen when you switch on the furnace. You do everything that you can to stop your bank account from draining so that you can pay the gas bills for your home. Find out how you can use a Carrier heat pump to make your home more comfortable when the weather starts to turn frigid so that your entire house is filled with warmth.

Enjoy the Benefits
When the weather outside is frightful, you don’t need fire to keep your home feeling delightful. A fireplace does have its benefits over gas heat, but unless you have one in every room of your house as well as several chimneys, you’re going to walk into a room at some point that makes you shiver.

  • * There’s no way to regulate the heat of a fire. A Carrier heat pump sends heat to every room of your house with even temperature that is also energy efficient. The pump relies on electric instead of gas so that you can feel better about the energy that you use to make your home comfortable.
  • * Ultra quiet heat pumps give you the temperature regulation that you want without having to hear any clanging or loud fans every time the heat kicks on. Your home will be heated and you won’t even notice that a pump is doing the work.
  • * A heat pump can be installed fairly quickly and takes up a lot less space than a large tank and oil burner, which usually has to be kept in a separate room and you can expect the same from a large furnace system.
  • * A furnace or oil burner has more potential to be a safety hazard than a heat pump. Since it uses heated air pushed through your system instead of oil that is burned and could ignite, your home is safer as well as comfortable.
  • * A fireplace needs to be cleaned and the chimney swept on a regular basis in order for it all to work properly and a furnace requires a good amount of maintenance as well. A heat pump is much easier to maintain, making it run efficiently with little time or effort on your part.

The Best Part
All of these benefits tie into the one that makes a heat pump most appealing: it costs less all around. No one should have to choose between being warm in the winter and filling the pantry with sustenance. Trading in your oil heating for a heat pump can save you more money this winter than ever and you won’t have to choose which area of the house to heat! Turn to RA Heating for a large selection of Carrier heat pumps and find out how you can start enjoying all the benefits today. Or you can visit BBB page.

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