Where is That Line Where an Opossum Removal in Columbus OH is Needed?

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Pest Control

Families in Ohio ask when it is appropriate to call wildlife control on opossums for Opossum Removal in Columbus OH. They are quite common in the state. But, where is the line that opposums can cross from being a mild nuisance to an actual threat to the family or home? Opossum removal may not be necessary right away because they have a tendency to move a lot. If they are not finding what they need in a certain location, they will look elsewhere quite quickly. A few signs of them sticking around include tipped over trash cans or seeing them in the front yard at night.

Opossums have two big things working against them, which should prompt a quick call for Opossum Removal in Columbus OH. Firstly, they are extremely aggressive. If they feel cornered (which does not take much) they will attack. They are more than willing to attack children because they seem they as a lesser threat. Plus, they are a little more willing to get a close view.

Opposums are notorious for carrying nefarious diseases. Rabies is one of the most common. They also carry tuberculosis and leptospirosis. These creatures were never meant to be a pet despite how adorable they look. Many homeowners use traps, and this is advisable. Late fall and early winter are the best time to use a trap because opposums are feeding and stockholding for the season. Fish is the most effective bait to use. A trap should only be set up at night. Opossums are not present during the day. Having the trap open during the afternoons runs the risk of catching an unwanted critter or the neighborhood dog.

The local Wildlife Control Company is just the team to call when opossum is recognized in the area. If an opossum is in the home, it is urgent to call the wildlife control and get the creature handled properly with Opossum Removal in Columbus OH. For the safety of children and the property itself, wildlife control should be called liberally. Many hesitate to call them for any number of reasons, and it could backfire. Find more details.

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