When to Seek Home Damage Restoration Services in Pensacola

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

When a natural disaster strikes, be it a fire or flood, extensive damage can occur in your home. You risk losing all your valuables inside the home including the building itself. Some of the issues may not show up immediately after the disaster strikes. But just because you can’t see any sign doesn’t mean that your home is completely safe. You’ll need to find a reliable expert to step in and assess your home, preserve what is left and get your life back on track. Home damage restoration in Pensacola can be considered when damage is caused by several disasters. Let’s look at 2 main situations that require professional home damage restoration services.

Flood damage Restoration

Most people will consider home damage restoration after extensive flood damage. Water can cause wood decay and ultimately weaken the structural stability of a home. Items like carpets and fabrics will grow mold and cause deadly bacteria to settle in your home. The powerful odors due to dampness of furniture and other items in your home can make it unlivable. Sometimes odors can take 3 to 4 weeks or even months to go away. While it is possible to do some restoration on your own, it’s always advisable to call in professionals who can ensure the building is completely safe for you and your family.

Restoring your home after flood damage is not an easy process. It involves detecting the areas that have moisture and getting rid of them. Professionals have experience and they already know the areas that are likely to attract mold after flood damage. They can contain these areas soon enough so that you don’t spend so much money on repairs in the long run and risk your family’s health.

Restoration after fire damage

Home damage restoration in Pensacola can also be very critical when your home catches fire. You need to contact restoration experts to assist in salvaging the items in your home before things get worse. Home damage restoration experts know the exact areas to look out for when assessing the extent of damage that has occurred. You don’t have to live in a home that is consumed in smoke and soot. The restoration experts will step in and perform proper smoke and soot removal. Remember that these elements are very harmful to your respiratory system so you shouldn’t live in the damaged areas until an expert from Ram Jack Solid Foundations restores it.

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