Guide to Choosing a Walk-In Bathtub Pittsburgh

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A walk-in bathtub in Pittsburgh is a great option for seniors who may have developed problems with mobility. These bathtubs are a great solution for those who find it difficult to get into the traditional bathtub or shower.

Manufacturers are coming up with new designs and models for walk-in bath tubs. It can be quite difficult choosing the right walk-in bathtub in Pittsburgh for your needs.

The following tips ought to make the process easier.

1. The basics

These bathtubs are designed with a hinged door on the side of the tub. They therefore provide a lower step over threshold (between 3 to 7 inches) as compared to their traditional counterparts (about 15 inches).

Although the bathtub has a door on the side, it is completely watertight. However, its ability to remain leak-proof for a long time will depend on its quality. This is discussed further below.

The bathtubs also come with built-in seats, anti-slip floors, a handheld showerhead and grab bars. They are designed to accommodate people with mobility problems. There are some models that have various other features to cater to special needs. For example, there are models with spa-like features that can help in therapy of arthritis.

2. Size

These tubs come in different shapes and sizes. Most models have walls of about 3 feet or higher. They range from 26 to 32 feet in width. Many of them will fit into the same space as a standard tub would fit without the need for reconfiguring the space. Find out if you can get an extension kit from the supplier if the tub does not fit into the space you have available.

3. Quality

It is important to ensure that you are getting a high quality walk-in bathtub in Pittsburgh. If you want the best quality, ensure that you go for a locally made tub (i.e. one that was made in the USA). It is also important to check the warranty on the ‘leak-proof’ seal of the tub. The best quality tubs will have a lifetime warranty on their door seals and their operating systems.

4. Door opening mechanism

The door opening mechanisms may differ from one tub to another. Most have an inward opening door. If the person using the tub is a large person or has a wheelchair, go for the outward opening door. The outward opening door however requires more space.

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