When It is Time to Replace Water Heaters in Tomball, Texas

by | Mar 11, 2014 | Plumbing

People don’t generally think about their water heaters in their homes until something happens to the water heater. It is then that every effort is made to get it repaired soon or replaced. If you are in need of your water heater serviced, Myers Plumbing Services can be of service to you. They sell and/or repair water heaters Tomball, Texas. Located in Spring, Texas, the company can replace your water heater with a 6 year or 10 year Rheem water heater. They want to tell you when you will definitely know it is time to replace your water heater.

The average hot water heater last between 10 to 15 years. However, as with all machines, things could go wrong with your heater before that period and you will need to know things to look for to be sure your water heater has gone to that ” great plumbing store in the sky.” For starters, the lack of hot water is most likely an obvious sign of water heater trouble, but that isn’t always the case. You could have pilot light trouble or merely a circuit breaker has tripped. Here are a few signs your heater is on the blink.

Rusted water is a sign your hot water heater is about to go on the blink. If your hot water has a metallic taste, this also signals the soon breakdown of your water heater. Another sign is muddy-looking water or sediments in the water, which can be checked by attaching a hose to the drainage bib of your heater, turning the water heater off and then draining the contents.

Myers Plumbing Services will repair or replace your hot water heater and they carry most of the major brands. They also feature the new hybrid water heaters that replace the 50 gallon water heater. These units have unlimited hot water. They also carry the tankless water heaters to satisfy your hot water requirements. Myers Plumbing Services also provide services in plumbing fixtures, faucets, disposals, drinking water systems, water filters, water softeners, and much more. If you need to get information about water heaters Tomball, Texas, contact Myers Plumbing Services at their location in Spring, Texas.

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