Cover Your Home With the Best Roofing in Centerville

by | Mar 5, 2014 | Roofing

Living in Centerville you find you have access to many options for improving your home and one of those options is the installation of new roof coverings. Today’s roofs are covered in a variety of materials including the common asphalt shingle found on the majority of homes and modern lightweight steel roofing designed to imitate a variety of roofing products. In many instances the Roofing in Centerville material you select will depend on the construction of the home and the original materials it was designed with.

Many older home styles used a simple wood or cedar shake roofing designed to shed both rain and snow, but wooden shingles tend to rot quickly unless they are properly treated or naturally water resistant. This is why asphalt roofing became so popular when it was introduced. Asphalt roofing typically survives the elements for about twenty years, although modern varieties can survive longer than that. Asphalt shingles also have another benefit to older Roofing in Centerville methods because they are easy to patch when the shingles became damaged.

Newer homes and business can also make use of a variety of steel roofing. The typical metal roofing used on today’s homes is a lightweight steel sheet covered with a galvanized coating. This coating is what allows the roofing material to last for fifty years or more. These roofs can even be used in coastal areas where the salt is thick in the air, provided the contractor installs the steel roofing variety that includes aluminum in the zinc galvanizing. Steel roofing provides the customers with many benefits including an easy installation over existing asphalt shingles if the homeowners require it.

Roofing options provided by contractors such as Wayne Overhead Door Sales and Home Improvements will vary depending on the location of the homes that require roofing. For example, in really cold climates where snow can fall thickly the home needs a roof that can shed the excess weight. In other areas of the country where rain is the largest problem those roofs don’t need as much angle and can often get by with simpler roofing requirements. Still other parts of the country use tile roofing as a means of dispersing heat so the home stays cooler. Of course, with today’s advanced construction practices one can have almost any construction style they desire wherever they live.

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