What To Expect During Home Window Installation In Chino Hills CA

As the windows of a home are exposed to sun and other natural elements it will cause the components they are constructed from to break down and lose some of their energy efficiency. Rather than living with a home that is drafty or the threat of a water intrusion, more homeowners choose to replace their windows when signs of wear and tear are present. Here is a quick look at what is involved during Home Window Installation in Chino Hills CA and why it is a job best tackled by a professional.

Old Window Removal

The first step is to remove the old windows from the wall, and a technician will first remove any molding that surrounds the window to prevent it from being damaged during the replacement process. Once the trim is removed, the screws holding the existing window in place will be removed, and the window will be pulled out. The contractor will then inspect the area for any signs of water damage or other issues that may require repair.

Opening Preparation

During the next phase, the contractor will make any cuts that are needed to ensure the replacement window will fit in the wall. It is usually a good idea to insert additional insulation around the window opening, so be sure to ask the contractor about this possibility before they begin the process. Finally, they will position the mounting hardware for the window in the opening.

New Window Installation

The last phase of Home Window Installation in Chino Hills CA is to set the new window in the frame and secure it in place. The contractor will first ensure the window fits and will then secure it in place with wood screws. Finally, they will spray a light coating of spray foam insulation and then replace any trim that was removed during the first step to complete the installation.

New windows not only make a home more comfortable but may help to increase its value. Villalobos Glass Co. is a leading provider of residential and commercial glass products and installation services. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation to have any old and outdated windows updated for an affordable price.

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