Advantages of Installing a Fingerprint Scanner in Toms River, NJ

by | Jun 21, 2018 | security systems

The use of biometric locks has become more affordable. This allows residential and commercial property owners the opportunity to use the latest technology for additional security. Enjoy the advantages of installing a biometric fingerprint lock.

Digital Access Control

With a fingerprint scanner, you do not need to create physical copies of keys for new employees. Instead, their unique fingerprints are added to the database. This is a more efficient system and offers improved security compared to traditional key locks.

Unique Biometric Data

Biometric locks work by storing the biometric data of all authorized individuals. Using a fingerprint scanner in Toms River, NJ, you get to choose who has access to your property.

The fingerprint of each employee is scanned and stored in a database. When a person uses the fingerprint scanner, the scan is compared to the stored images. Since no two people have identical fingerprints, this provides a unique key for granting access.

Fingerprints Cannot Be Hacked

Another advantage of using a fingerprint scanner is that fingerprints cannot be hacked. Password locks can be hacked by guessing the correct combination, key locks can be picked, and key fobs can be stolen.
Fingerprints and other biometrics do not provide the same risks. You cannot steal, pick, or guess a fingerprint. This makes biometric locks more secure than other options.

To learn more about biometric locks, discuss your security needs with a professional locksmith. Top Security Locksmiths, Inc. offers a wide range of installation options to meet your needs. Besides biometric fingerprint locks, you can choose the installation of video security systems, alarms, and new locks.

Biometrics includes a variety of input methods including facial recognition, iris detection, and fingerprint scanning. Fingerprints are unique and biometric locks cannot be fooled. Consider adding a biometric lock with fingerprint input to improve the access control in your property. Like us on Facebook.

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