What Should Homeowners Know About Tubs Repair in Philadelphia?

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Plumbing

The tub of a home gets a lot of use and is put through a lot of abuse over the years. When a tub is beginning to have problems draining and functioning abnormally, it is crucial homeowners seek prompt tubs repair in Philadelphia. Continuing to use a tub that is in need of repair could result in further damage and increased costs. Contacting a plumber will allow a homeowner to better understand their options for repair.

There are many issues that can begin to occur with a tub. When a tub is not draining correctly, water will begin to back up while the tub is being drained or being used with the shower feature. Although there are drain cleaning liquids on the market, these can cause damage to some plumbing types and lead to leaks. These caustic materials should never be used to clear drains. Homeowners should always call a professional plumber for tubs repair in Philadelphia.

Depending on the type of material a tub is made of, it can become cracked or damaged in some way, leading to leaking water on the subfloor. If the tub continues to be used, even though it is damaged and leaking, this will lead to water damage which could result in the entire tub needing to be replaced along with the subflooring. In some cases, tub repairs can be carried out without needing to replace the tub, especially if they are caught early.

Hardware issues can also arise when a tub needs to be repaired. The controls for the faucets and the shower portion of the tub can stop working or begin to leak. Leaking can become so severe it causes damage to the flooring around a tub. It is important these issues are repaired before a tub is used again, so damage does not continue.

Homeowners who are having issues with their tub need to contact a plumber for help. For more information on the available plumbing services, Contact us right away. A plumber can come out and identify the tub problem so it can be properly repaired. Call today to schedule your service call.

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