What Facilities Are Required In An Ambulant Toilet

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Home Improvement

Running a business means that you must cater to the needs of everyone who walks through the doors of the building. Normal restrooms aren’t designed for people with disabilities, therefore you may need to get an ambulant toilet installed as a way of providing people with mobility impairments a higher level of convenience. These toilets can usually be found in hospitals, offices, shopping centres and private properties. Designed for individuals who demand more room than that offered in a standard WC, a typical ambulant toilet should be fitted with the following features.

Grab Rails and Towel Rails

Some physically impaired individuals may struggle to perform simple tasks, such as sitting down and standing up. Grab rails will make these tasks much easier for that person. Angled grab bars, chrome grab bars, suction grab rails – whatever type you choose, you can rest assured that this mobility aid will come in handy. They are available with black, white or metallic finishes, as are towel rails for an ambulant toilet.

Soap Dispensers

The person using an ambulant toilet will not need to worry about pressing buttons for soap to be dispensed or bending over to pick up a bar of soap, because modern soap dispensers operate quietly and will be mounted to the wall. Refillable, they are usually powered by electric or a battery system, so that once the accessory identifies your hand, it will dispense an antibacterial soap into the palm. When you think about the fact that the hands are coated in hundreds of bacteria, an investment like this is very worthwhile. Not only will you have the freedom of choosing a soap dispenser style but also, a fragrance for the soap that goes inside.

Toilet Roll Dispensers

If you are looking for toilet roll dispensers for the home, choose a mini dispenser. Jumbo dispensers would be a better choice for large office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, etc. Most dispensers are crafted with some kind of locking technology. This locking technology conceals the tissue and protects it, so that you don’t have to replace the rolls as often. Spare time to find a finish that suits the theme of your bathroom, such as a white or chrome finish. If you’re an eco-conscious individual, choose products made with recyclable materials.

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