What constitutes cabinet refacing?

There are two sides to a cabinet, the inside and the outside. The outside is the visible part and this is what is refaced. There are two ways to improve the look of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, the expensive way is to rip them out and replace them with all new cabinets and the other way is to purchase cabinet refacing supplies and reface the outside. Although some flatĀ  doors and drawer fronts can also be refaced, in most cases these are replaced. Once the task is finished and set off with new trim, hinges and decorative hardware it is equally as good as new cabinets.

For those homeowners on a limited budget, refacing can be an excellent idea because once completed, the kitchen looks bright and modern. As cabinet refacing supplies can be readily purchased there is no need to even remove the cabinets to do the work, they can be left right where they are in the room. For an average kitchen, refacing the actual cases and replacing the doors and drawer fronts can be comfortably done in a weekend which keeps the disruption to a minimum.

A kitchen can get a brand new look on a limited budget. Once the cabinets are done, a new floor can be laid and the room can be redecorated. The result is a beautiful new kitchen for a lot less than it would have been if new cabinets were purchased. Since the cabinet refacing supplies are easy to use and apply, there is no need for any special skills, anyone with a little bit of DIY ability can easily do the job.

Although many people take this opportunity to replace the doors and drawers, in some cases, this is not necessary. If the doors are flat with no recess they, too, can be refaced. Most refacing veneer, whether vinyl or veneer is self-adhesive. The only thing that must be strictly adhered to is cleanliness, the cabinets and doors must be cleaned of any grease or oil first.

If a person wants to get fancy with the makeover, a couple of the new cabinet doors can have glass inserts. This allows for the display of colorful plates and other serving dishes. Iit adds a very classy touch to the completed job.

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