Welcome Guests Into Your Home With Charming Ornamental Lighthouses

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Furniture

Lighthouses are towers along the edge of the sea or inlets that use a system of lamps and lenses as a navigational aid for maritime pilots. Their beautiful designs and colors capture the heart. When you purchase from merchants selling ornamental lighthouses in Lancaster County, PA, you’ll be able to bring some of the charm provided by these buildings into your own garden.

What Are Ornamental Lighthouses?

Ornamental lighthouses have the same enchanting quality as the real thing. They range in height from only two feet tall to large 17-foot tall versions you can actually enter. These towers are constructed from natural stone, various woods, durable poly, or hybrid materials. They are painted in bright colors and patterns to mimic their real-life equivalents, and they may or may not include functional lights.

Outdoor Uses

Decorative lighthouses are most commonly found in the landscaping, especially for homes near the water. They look delightful in groups of three or make a statement all on their own. A lighthouse will look adorable next to a pond, and they can line the front steps perfectly. You can also place them on decks, porches, and patios.

Indoor Uses

These decorative pieces look just as enchanting inside of your residence. Consider using smaller ones as a centerpiece on a table. They look right at home in nautical themed bathrooms, and each small tower also makes the ideal accent on an enclosed porch near the sea. As home decor, they can be placed so that they flank the hearth of a fireplace, or you could use them in an entryway to greet guests.

Ornamental lighthouses in Lancaster County, PA, add a charming touch to any landscaping. Use them indoors or out to bring a bit of the sea closer to home. Visit Beaver Dam Woodworks, LLC to find the perfect one for your property.

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