Warm Towels Create Comfortable Bathing Conditions

by | Dec 27, 2013 | Plumbing

There is nothing more comforting than knowing a hot bath is followed by a warm towel. The body tends to become cold rather quickly after stepping from the bathtub. When bathroom towel warmers are installed, the act of getting out of the tub is welcoming and warm. There are many towel warmers on the market today. When a bathroom is updated with a towel warmer it is important to budget for them and make sure there is plenty of space.

The Main Types of Towel Warmers

There are two towel warmer types in which to choose, hydronic and electric. While both options are quite energy efficient they do have differences. An electric towel warmer uses low energy and has a low energy consumption rate. Overall they use the same power allotted a 60 watt light bulb. This type of towel warmer uses one of two types of wattage elements, a dry heat element and an element that heats mineral oil in the warmer. The electrical towel warmer can either be plugged into a wall or hardwired. Hardwiring needs to meet the electrical system that is in a home or building verses the plug in that can just be plugged into a wall like any other appliance.

Heat the Hydronic Way

The hydronic towel warmer uses hot water in the present plumbing to produce heat that runs through the warmer. Most often this calls for the hydronic unit to be connected to a home’s hot water heater or a hydronic heating system. A hydronic towel warmer tends to be a more difficult installation.

Towel Warmer Safety Features

Towel warmers that are created today incorporate safety features that allow the unit to be controlled by a thermostat and automatic shut off. This helps people keep the warmer from becoming too hot and staying in operation too long. When children are in the household these safety options are very important.

Easy Installation

If the need for a professional electrician is too much, the easy installation type of towel warmer is best for most people. The friendliest DIY installation is the simple plug in towel warmer. The standard type of plug in is 120V and can be plugged into most outlets in different rooms of a house. Also, there is the option of a freestanding plug in model that makes a towel warmer portable.

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